Some thoughts about gay marriage

As LGBTQ Month came to an end, it's worth focusing on same sex marriage...and, inevitably, same sex divorces, custody disputes, separations, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements. With the legalization of gay and lesbian marriages, all these have come into play, and are on the rise.

Many gay and lesbian couples enter into marriage with joy and optimism, but without preparing themselves for the possibility of divorce down the line. That, of course, is a mistake.  Superimposed upon this are the often, unrealistic expectations of people who have been unfairly denied a basic human right that the rest of society enjoys.  Like any major partnership, it's crucial to start things prepared for any unexpected changes as things progress, including that relationship ending.

The key for any couple that is planning to marry is to have a prenuptial agreement in place before the ceremony. For those who are already married, a post-nup is not just a possibility, but highly advised.

If the relationship is crumbling or over, seeing a divorce lawyer is the logistical, and extremely logical, next step.

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