Nationally and Internationally-Recognized,
Divorce and Family Lawyer

Raoul Felder has been named one of the New York Law Journal's 100 Most Powerful Lawyers in America, "Divorce, New York Style" by The NY Times, and was dubbed “The Dean of Divorce” in the New York Daily News, “Dr. Estranged Love” in GQ, and “The Duke of Divorce” in US. He is also among the “Top Ten Best Paid Corporate Lawyers” according to Forbes, and made a name for himself as the most fearsome divorce lawyer. Mr. Felder’s notable clients include former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Larry Fortensky (Elizabeth Taylor's seventh husband), Mrs. Johnnie Cochran, Mrs. Martin Scorcese, Mrs. Tom Clancy, Mrs. Mike Tyson (Robin Givens), and Mr. Liza Minelli (the late David Gest), Carol Channing, David Merrick, Richard Harris,  Claude Picasso, Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, and The Honorable Daphne Guinness as well as famous musicians, athletes and members of royalty both in Europe and in the Middle East.  Read more...

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