The Author

Raoul Felder is the author of many books, has been interviewed on all major TV news and Information Programs and his articles appear in both mainstream and specialized media frequently.

He has been the subject of articles, interviews and profiles in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Today Show, CBS Morning Show, 60 Minutes, 20/20 (profile), Theater Arts Magazine (cover profile), Time Magazine, New Yorker Magazine (cover profile), People Magazine, and many others. You can find some of those articles and profiles in the Media section of this site.


  • Dancers on a Dark Street

    It was the fifth day of a midsummer heat wave: one of those days when the air seems to stand still, an almost solid thing laden with the faint, almost fruity smell of garbage and decay; when the heat seems to settle on the sidewalks and roadways, while your shirt is sweat-plastered against your back before you’ve walked a block, and everyone you see moves slowly.

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  • Reflections in a Mirror: Of Love, Loss, Death and Divorce

    In his witty memoir, Reflections in a Mirror: Of Love, Loss, Death and Divorce...Mr. Felder channels Neil Simon, recalling a childhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (and visiting his grandparents in Brighton Beach).

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  • The Good Divorce

    How to Walk Away Financially Sound and Emotionally Happy

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  • Bare-Knuckle Negotiation: Savvy Tips and True Stories from the Master of Give-and-Take

    “Negotiation is an art form, pure and simple, and Raoul Felder has it down. Reading this book will enhance anyone’s understanding of what negotiation is and how powerful it can be. A great read all the way.” – Donald Trump

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  • Schmucks!

    Jackie and celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, whose battles run from Rudy Giuliani to Elizabeth Taylor and legions of dissatisfied spouses, have published the Survival Guide to New York and Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder's Guide to New York and Los Angeles Restaurants.

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  • Getting Away With Murder

    There is a war being waged on women in America. Every eighteen seconds, somewhere in the United States, a woman is beaten by her husband or boyfriend. In 1994, nearly half the women murdered in America were killed by their spouse or lover.

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  • Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder's Survival Guide to New York City

    A humorous survival guide to New York City for both visitors and natives offers offbeat advice on avoiding the city's dangers while getting the most out of the best places without getting lost.

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  • Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder's Guide to New York and Los Angeles Restaurants

    Famed comic Jackie Mason and renowned divorce attorney Raoul Felder present a hilarious review of some of New York and L.A.'s best and worst restaurants. Mason and Felder reveal where to eat, where not to eat, what to eat, and more.

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