Celebrate Valentine’s Day…with a Divorce

Valentine's Day is a holiday that revolves an often fictionalized image of love, including blind adoration and a lavish displays of affection.  In a newspaper article I was interviewed for recently, I discussed a Valentine's Day trend that's much more realistic: getting divorced.

As I mentioned in the article, I've had hundreds of clients file for divorce over the years on Valentine's Day.   Beyond the added impact of getting divorced that's considered to be the day of love, the timing makes perfect sense: by mid-February, the frenzy of the holidays has been over for long enough for the dust to settle, and for couples that are unhappy to put an end to their marriage in motion.

For those in an unhappy relationship, I'd suggest that Valentine's Day (and, this year, the weekend that follows it) is an ideal time to start mapping out an exit.  The forced and false bliss of the holidays can be the ultimate realization that things need to change.

As I've written before, planning a divorce and putting it into motion is something that should be done with the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer who has navigated important issues like child custody, support payments, and pet custody.  That's universal advice, for high net worth divorce, celebrity divorce, and hard-working couples that are also at that stage in their relationships.

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