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Celebrate Valentine’s Day…with a Divorce

Valentine's Day is a holiday that revolves an often fictionalized image of love, including blind adoration and a lavish displays of affection.  In a newspaper article I was interviewed for recently, I discussed a Valentine's Day trend that's much more realistic: getting divorced. As I mentioned in the article, I've had hundreds of clients file…
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Poetic advice

There's a well-known proverb that says, "Do right and fear no man, don't write and fear no woman."   They're certainly words to live by...and I've been thinking about them lately with the recent release of more than a thousand letters that T.S. Eliot wrote to Emily Hale, a longtime friend who many Eliot scholars have…
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The latest high-profile breakup

Late last week, when most of us were still focused on relaxing vacations and holiday-related festivities, a high-profile couple began to put their high profile divorce in motion: according to numerous press reports, actress Sara Gilbert filed to legally separate from her wife, the musician and songwriter Linda Perry. The cause was, as is the…
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Some thoughts on “Marriage Story”

For the last few weeks, the film "Marriage Story"--a new Netflix production about a marriage that's ending and a couple's divorce--has gotten positive reviews worldwide. It's a moving film, and very well-acted; it depicts many issues that frequently come in the midst of a divorce, especially a high profile or high net worth divorce: child…
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