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A Covid-Related Matrimonial Issue

Over the last few months, alongside Covid-19, an insidious problem has spiked in prevalence: domestic violence. During lockdown, with couples in close quarters and fear and frustration as inherent parts of the overall zeitgeist, reports of domestic violence have gone, perhaps inevitably, way up.  According to one report that increase will be, per the United…
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Divorce Lawyers: The Series

Over the past few weeks, "Normal People", a new series on the online streaming platform Hulu, has been capturing the attention of many viewers and television critics. I, perhaps predictably, have been watching a different show on that web network: "The Split", a British series about divorce lawyers. Although "The Split" is entertaining viewing, its…
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Court-appropriate attire, from home

Lawyers and judges, like everyone, have been adjusting to living within the parameters of lockdown during the Corona pandemic.  In many states, that's meant that court appearances are being held online though websites like Skype. Not everyone, however, understands the sense of decorum that's necessary in that setting. A recent article referred to a Florida…
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Life, and Divorce, after Corona

A recent article on the Bloomberg site examined a trend that's started in China: as the country is coming out of quarantine, its divorce rate has been rising sharply.  As one might expect, time in close quarters can be a reminder of how incompatible you feel with your spouse and how much you are eager…
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