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Some thoughts about gay marriage

As LGBTQ Month comes to an end, it's worth focusing on same sex marriage...and, inevitably, same sex divorces, custody disputes, separations, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements. With the legalization of gay and lesbian marriages, all these have come into play, and are on the rise. Many gay and lesbian couples enter into marriage with joy…
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Russian Hacking

There are many issues the hacking question raises. Some are real, some are inferred, and some are imagined. The first obvious point is that few focus on the fact that Podesta & Company are the people who are basically doing the awful things: questions that were to be asked in debates were obtained beforehand; the…
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Connect To Those In Need This Holiday Season!

When I went to medical school, I decided I had to learn German. I bought the first German textbook I could lay my hands on and thought I would translate the book and, by the end of the book, I would be able to understand German. It turned out this book was a medical text…
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