Some thoughts on “Marriage Story”

For the last few weeks, the film "Marriage Story"--a new Netflix production about a marriage that's ending and a couple's divorce--has gotten positive reviews worldwide. It's a moving film, and very well-acted; it depicts many issues that frequently come in the midst of a divorce, especially a high profile or high net worth divorce: child custody, visitation rights, and the geography of two parents who care for their child but have professional responsibilities that effect geography.

I'm struck by a sentence a divorce lawyer utters to her new client, who in initiating a divorce, in the film: "What you're doing is an act of hope." Getting divorced is exactly that: a positive action towards important change that, in the long run, will make everyone involved happier. Working with an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process inevitably makes it go much more smoothly, whether the divorce is in real life or a fictionalized version on a movie, tv, or computer screen.

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