Time to Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving weekend over, many newly-divorced couples—or, alternately, couples that are considering a divorce—are reflecting over, and getting concerned about, the holiday season, and the gatherings planned that feel like they could be tense and emotional. Thanksgiving and the month or so that follows it can be stressful for anyone; if you’re unhappy in your relationship, or experiencing the holidays apart for the first time, that feeling can be painfully intensified.

If you’re in that situation, there are many positive things to focus on: friends, family, and the empowering feeling of the start of a new chapter. For parents, it’s a time to give extra attention to children—even via cell phone or apps like Facetime, long distance—to remind them that they are loved and secure.

If you’re thinking about getting divorce, the holidays are the ideal time to clear your hear, discuss it with friends, and start to plan the proceedings, including speaking with an experienced divorce lawyer about issues like custody and visitation rights.

If you’re newly divorced, your lawyer can help make sure any issues of child visitation rights over the holidays go smoothly. 

Like many of life’s changes, getting a divorce can be frightening…but, in my many decades of divorce law experience, I have found that all parties are usually ultimately happier throughout the year, even, eventually, during the holiday season.

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