The Stress of Divorce

The Stress of Divorce

There are many memorable catalysts in life that are joyous: graduations, for example, and the birth of children. Some, in sharp contrast, are, for most people, painful and stressful. Divorce is often near the top of that latter list.

For the last few weeks, a tragedy has been in the news that illustrates how trying and emotionally trying it can be to go through a divorce.  Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five children who was going through a contentious divorce, disappeared last month and is considered by most people to have been murdered. Her estranged husband was arrested with his current girlfriend as the case is being investigated, and is currently free on bail.

According to reports, the couple made threats and insulting claims against each other; there were also reportedly put downs about each other to their children. The caustic situation went on for several years; needless to say, the emotional wake on the people on the periphery—like Ms. Dulos’s friends and family and, of course, the five children—will last for much, much longer.

Last year, there was a well-documented and tragic death of another woman dealing with a painful divorce: Stephanie Adams.  She was a former client of mine, and remained a friend; she committed suicide by jumping from a hotel room, along with her seven-year old son. I had suggested she see a psychiatrist, I should add, which she didn’t do.

Going through a divorce is not easy emotionally, but you’re not alone. I advise my clients to learn on their support system: close friends, family, clergy, a therapist, etc. It’s also another reason why hiring an extremely experienced lawyer, who can help guide you through the experience with compassion and knowledge, is so important.

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