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The latest high-profile breakup

Late last week, when most of us were still focused on relaxing vacations and holiday-related festivities, a high-profile couple began to put their high profile divorce in motion: according to numerous press reports, actress Sara Gilbert filed to legally separate from her wife, the musician and songwriter Linda Perry. The cause was, as is the…
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Some thoughts on “Marriage Story”

For the last few weeks, the film "Marriage Story"--a new Netflix production about a marriage that's ending and a couple's divorce--has gotten positive reviews worldwide. It's a moving film, and very well-acted; it depicts many issues that frequently come in the midst of a divorce, especially a high profile or high net worth divorce: child…
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The Latest High Profile Breakups

Over the last few days, news has spread of two widely reported celebrity splits--Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who got married last year, and Bella Hadid with her seemingly on-again-off-again boyfriend The Weeknd.  In spite of a busy news cycle at the moment, the separation of both couples has garnered ample coverage worldwide. High-profile couples…
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