The High Profile Divorce of the Moment

For the last couple years, a divorce has been in the news that involves powerful people, high net worth, a vast amount of property, and a complicated settlement. As it's reaching its crescendo, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the most impactful divorce to happen in Europe for many decades: Brexit.

Brexit has a lot in common with many traditional divorces: it's emotional and heated, with a concern on how things are going to change. There are things to be reworked--like, in this case, trade agreements--and visitation issues to firm up.  There's a lot at stake and the people on both sides of the debate--Remain and Brexit--are concerned, and emphatic in expressing their beliefs.

A inherent problem in getting Brexit settled has been that it is essentially unchartered territory.  And there seems to have been little thought of its ramifications: many of the British people who voted in favor of Brexit didn't seem to consider its logistics and consequences; many government officials seemingly didn't plan how they were going to put things in motion in any detail.   This is the antithesis of working with a seasoned matrimonial attorney with decades of experience.  I have seen just about every nuance of what can happen in a divorce and am extremely well-versed in how to handle all the possibilities.

Working with an experienced divorce lawyer can help you plan and navigate a breakup to help avoid the drama of an experience like Brexit.   Although change isn't easy, having someone in your corner who has handles a huge amount of cases and settlements can make that process much smoother. 

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