January is Divorce Month

January is the month that divorce lawyers all around America wait for. It is not like a January white sale – there are no discounts. In January the Christmas season is over and, of course, the presents have been exchanged, so there is no financial reason not to wait any further but, more realistically, the holiday season is one suffused with love, warmth, and family, etc. It is a hard-hearted person who commences a divorce during the holiday season without guilt.

There is one other thing about the holidays that sometimes sets off the divorce buzzer – too much togetherness. Often the family gets together and you see a person or people that you are happy not to see the rest of the year. One thing leads to another, and a person walks out, and another person starts cursing in some native language that only the family understands, and the divorce lawyers’ turnstile starts turning. Back home in the family love nest, it becomes like Times Square the morning after New Year’s Eve. Everybody is let down – they are back to being miserable and fighting starts.

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