Back to school…

For all of us, September marked the unofficial end of summer, a time hopefully, to get back to work and life’s regular routine after a season of vacations and sunshine. For families with young children, the focus was also inevitably on getting their kids settled into their new academic year and the accompanying classrooms and teachers. Frequently, starting at a different school is part of the mix as well.

For divorced families, back to school season can seem like a balancing act of custody arrangements. Integrating homework, playdates and projects, and even just getting to school on time as part of those arrangements can seem daunting. It is also a juncture at which getting advice from an experienced divorce lawyer can help navigate the situation. The goal, of course, is to make the transition as seamless and unstressful as possible for the children. Doing that is possible, but sometimes takes some work from at least one parent to keep everything at an even keel, often with guidance on how to do that most effectively. Sometimes, even two parents, working together, do not accomplish this.

And even though September has slipped past, it’s not too early to begin planning future or early school holidays and how custody arrangements will affect them.  The key to that is, as with so many things, communication…even if it’s through lawyers instead of directly over the phone or face to face.

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