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Some thoughts about gay marriage

As LGBTQ Month came to an end, it's worth focusing on same sex marriage...and, inevitably, same sex divorces, custody disputes, separations, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements. With the legalization of gay and lesbian marriages, all these have come into play, and are on the rise. Many gay and lesbian couples enter into marriage with joy…
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Random Observations

State Attorney Generals are the chief law enforcement officers of their individual states. We expect them to vigorously prosecute but, above all, considering their power and access to the public ear, be fair. They all want to be Governors, and actually, some of them do make it. The conduct of one attorney general, Eric Schneiderman,…
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Give Me Halloween

Oh, what’s love got to do, got to do with it,What’s love but a second-hand emotion. Tina Turner Valentine’s Day is about romantic love: gushing, vibrant, tender, heartbreaking, heart pounding, pulse quickening, knee weakening, lump-in-your-throat-can’t-eat-or-sleep love. If you really want to know about love, ask me. I am a divorce lawyer. Putting aside the kind…
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