Some thoughts on immigration

We don’t have an immigration problem in America. A country has an immigration problem when everybody wants to leave a country, not when they want to come into a country. What we have is a law enforcement problem, and the methodology to legitimately embrace immigrants lawfully eligible for citizenship.
America is, after all, a country of immigrants.
We would not, for example, have had an atomic bomb in the Second World War without immigrants,  since their basic science was developed by great thinkers like Albert Einstein, who was, of course, an immigrant. Without the atomic bomb, we would have had to invade Japan; indeed, both we and Japan were gearing up for this final battle. It was estimated that if we had invaded Japan, there would be over a million American casualties.
We are a nation of tinkerers, innovators, and inventors. A nation of great thinkers and creators.
As you fly over the country from east to west, you can travel for hours over vacant barren land. Israel, which is a little bigger than Rhode Island, took the barren desert and made a great and powerful nation. So why not try an experiment? Let 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 immigrants homestead a small piece of this vacant land.
Homesteading is an American tradition. I believe that when all the vetting would be done, we'd have a substantial group of people who would legitimately add greatly to this nation. Otherwise, in a few generations, our country will simply have a homogenous hodgepodge of people, giving birth to a generation that is less innovative, less smart and able to contribute less to the country.
Those immigrants would add a great deal to re-energize in this country.

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