Telephone Consultations

We, as a regular practice, if requested, offer clients an initial consultation via telephone. There are, of course, some people who require legal consultation but, because of physical reasons, have trouble getting around. Others live far from the office, even sometimes in Europe and Asia, and this is the most effective way for us to consult, analyze and make an analysis. There are yet others who are well-known, recognizable people that do not want to be seen going into a divorce lawyer’s office. And, of course, there are some people that are simply uncomfortable going to see a lawyer.

The time for the consultations are, of course, set up earlier and there usually are two people at the consultations – Mr. Felder and another lawyer. This is to ensure the accuracy of notes that are taken. The fee for the initial advice, consultation and analysis is $650 and payment is required prior to the consultation – either by credit card, wire, or other usual means.