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A Covid-Related Matrimonial Issue

Over the last few months, alongside Covid-19, an insidious problem has spiked in prevalence: domestic violence. During lockdown, with couples in close quarters and fear and frustration as inherent parts of the overall zeitgeist, reports of domestic violence have gone, perhaps inevitably, way up.  According to one report that increase will be, per the United…
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The Latest High Profile Breakups

Over the last few days, news has spread of two widely reported celebrity splits--Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who got married last year, and Bella Hadid with her seemingly on-again-off-again boyfriend The Weeknd.  In spite of a busy news cycle at the moment, the separation of both couples has garnered ample coverage worldwide. High-profile couples…
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Some thoughts on the summertime

For many people, summer is the best season of the year: a time for barbecues and picnics and long holidays.  It's also, I've found, a season that some couples put off getting divorced. At a time when kids are at camp, people are traveling, and there's often a beautiful weekend home for entertaining, it's a…
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