A Covid-Related Matrimonial Issue

Over the last few months, alongside Covid-19, an insidious problem has spiked in prevalence: domestic violence.

During lockdown, with couples in close quarters and fear and frustration as inherent parts of the overall zeitgeist, reports of domestic violence have gone, perhaps inevitably, way up.  According to one report that increase will be, per the United Nations Population Fund, around 20%.
The spike is, of course, inevitable. But the way it's being handled at the moment -- by overworked courts, frequently in session on Zoom, tackling just too many cases -- is making the most minimal headway in penalizing the perpetrators.

As a divorce lawyer with decades of family law experience, I've handled many, many cases that included instances of domestic violence. They are, at their core, the same for high net worth couples as those who are less affluent. All cases along those lines require a matrimonial lawyer like that to handle them with both compassion and deep knowledge of the law. 

Domestic violence is, of course, nothing new. I wrote a landmark book on the subject, Getting Away With Murder: Weapons for the War Against Domestic Violence, in 1996.

As businesses reopen and life resumes some semblance of normality, my hope is that cases will go down...and the violators who disrespect their partners in marriage or domestic partnership get the punishment they deserve.

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