Divorcing in September

A few days ago, Time Magazine tweeted a headline that, understandably, caught my eye: “Most Divorces Happen in These Two Months.” The article it linked to—on Health.com, from Time Health—explained that more divorces are initiated in August and March than during the others months of the year. It’s a subject I’ve been interviewed about many times over the years. As for August and March being the months that most couples begin divorce proceedings, that’s simply not the case.

September and January are, in actuality, when the most divorces get put into motion.

For couples with school-age children, the timing comes as no surprise: September is when kids are back in school, after summer holidays, travel and camp. If this situation applies to you, a lawyer can help with advice on how and when to tell your children and their schools. This is one of many instances in which having an extremely experienced lawyer who has guided a large amount of clients through the process is preferable to someone younger.

For couples without children, the timing often means that what was planned as a romantic holiday became the ultimate message of why divorcing was inevitable; sometimes, it’s simply that a few months of planning to break up has reached its logical conclusion.

January is logical too. December’s holidays are all about celebrations, gifts and togetherness; January brings couples all back to reality and, often, the conclusion that divorcing is inevitable.

Whatever the reason for your timing, you will know when you make the decision to get things started that it’s the right thing to do. And, eventually, every September, January, and other month in the calendar will be that much happier.

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