The Latest High Profile Breakups

Over the last few days, news has spread of two widely reported celebrity splits--Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who got married last year, and Bella Hadid with her seemingly on-again-off-again boyfriend The Weeknd.  In spite of a busy news cycle at the moment, the separation of both couples has garnered ample coverage worldwide.

High-profile couples deciding to separate is, of course, nothing new, but still attract attention.  Getting divorced or separated can be especially hard for people who are in the public eye, as well as those who are going through a high net worth divorce. Dividing extensive assets, often in more than one country, is complicated...and having the press watching in the background adds extra stress.    Child custody--and pet custody as well--can be complex to map out when geography and factors like an actor's shooting schedule or musician's upcoming tour need to be considered.

With my decades of experience as a divorce lawyer, I have helped many, many clients who are famous and/or wealthy navigate this.  Celebrity divorces, and high-net worth divorces, take a deep knowledge of the law...and also knowledge on how to handle the attention many of them attract.  With guidance from an extremely experienced matrimonial lawyer, those high profile cases can be made less stressful and lead to a better outcome for the client. And, I should add, type of guidance and seasoned knowledge is equally essential for people who aren't in the spotlight.

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