Some thoughts on the summertime

For many people, summer is the best season of the year: a time for barbecues and picnics and long holidays.  It's also, I've found, a season that some couples put off getting divorced. At a time when kids are at camp, people are traveling, and there's often a beautiful weekend home for entertaining, it's a period during which many couples feel like it's easiest to simply stay together and ignore their problems, even that means quietly taking summer vacations separately, or spending just weekends together and weekdays apart.

The truth is that summer is the best time to plan a divorce if that seems inevitable. It's the time to meet with an experienced divorce lawyer, begin to plan out separating, and for high net worth individuals, start to map out thoughts on dividing assets and custody.  Even if things aren't put into motion until after Labor Day, it's the ideal preparation.

A divorce lawyer with, as I have, decades of experience can also help guide clients through issues that are always a concern, like the potential emotional effect of divorce on children.  Each couple has its own concern--pet custody is a frequent one, for example, as is, of course, division of property--and a seasoned matrimonial attorney can navigate it all.

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