Russian Hacking

There are many issues the hacking question raises. Some are real, some are inferred, and some are imagined.

The first obvious point is that few focus on the fact that Podesta & Company are the people who are basically doing the awful things: questions that were to be asked in debates were obtained beforehand; the awful treatment of Bernie Sanders, etc. To forget the evil that is at core center of the problem and focus on WikiLeaks is like shooting the messenger who brings you the news that a neighbor just killed his wife.

Then the next question is, whether Russia actually hacked the DNC, and gave the information to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks denies that this is what occurred. It may be that the Russians did hack, and WikiLeaks is telling the truth that they obtained the information from a separate source. In other words, there could have been two hackings. In this regard, I think America should tread lightly but firmly because I am sure that we also hack the Russians. The point that must be made to the Russians is that we invented the Internet, and if they play this sort of game we could do much more harm to them than they could possibly do to us.

The additional point has been made that why is only the evil email situation of the DNC exposed, and not that of the RNC? At a legal trial, we would object to this argument because it comments on an alleged truth “not yet in evidence”. In other words, this particular argument presupposes that the Republicans sent the same kind of emails. Maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows?

Then there is also the underlying ability of our intelligence agencies. These are the same folks that missed 911, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, etc.

It seems the best policy is to not waste more time on this entire subject, but Donald Trump, in a way that only he knows how to do, be forceful and direct, and make the Russians understand he is not kidding around and, although, as our intelligence agencies acknowledge, there is no suggestion that the hacking affected any votes at all, nevertheless, if this happens one more time, we will unleash our Internet capabilities (ours are greater than theirs; we after all invented the Internet) and then they will learn what it means to have no phone service, no electricity, no airlines running on time (even if they in fact ever do so in Russia and ending up in Hoboken), elevators not running, their missiles having to be recalibrated, etc.

Raoul Felder

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