Obama and Clinton

Don’t get me wrong. I would vote for Obama if he was an Albino, Penobscot Indian whose religion was sun-worshipping, or if his sex life included sleeping with a horse (except, as Jackie Mason noted, if it were MY horse). This would all make no difference to me … IF he was the most qualified person running for President, and I felt that he would be the best person suited to deal with emergencies and the unexpected crises facing the next President that will certainly arise. Unfortunately, Obama has nothing in his background or foreground that indicates he is that person. Sure, he is charismatic, but so was Clark Gabel, but I would not have voted for him for President. Obama’s experience in governance is non-existent. This is not a place for on-the-job training. If I wanted to hire somebody to run a supermarket I would want a person who has some experience in running a supermarket. As for running a country, I would want – at least – a bit more experience.

Talking about experience, Hillary Clinton keeps saying she has 35 years of experience. Her experience, doing what? Her experience is having been married to the man who was the President. Since when does sleeping with somebody give you experience? If I knew a doctor’s wife or girlfriend, does that mean because of sleeping with him she is competent to take out my appendix? As a matter of fact, if sleeping with Bill Clinton gives Mrs. Clinton the experience to run the country, there must be 100 girls around Washington who could claim even better – or at least more – experience through him.

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