Raoul Lionel Felder


Raoul Felder and the Media

Raoul Felder can be heard and seen on Radio and TV.

He was a Weekly Legal Commentator on CNN and was one of the original Board of Advisors on Court TV.

He has been interviewed regularly on virtually all TV stations on legal issues, profiled on major American and European T.V. shows including the TODAY SHOW, 20/20, NIGHTLINE, THE EARLY SHOW, etc.; Co-Host, CROSSING THE LINE Weekly National Public TV Show dealing with current events; Moderator, THE FELDER REPORT, a series of six specials on WLIW-TV; Host of weekly TV program METROLAW (discussion and interviews on the law) on MSG Learning Channel, a legal panel show (1996-1998).

On radio he hosted the BBC worldwide weekly radio show The American Perspective (1995-1996); Accredited as BBC Correspondent for O.J. Simpson case; Moderator and/or host and/or guest of radio shows in U.S. and Britain; Host and moderator of Legal Panel Show THE FELDER REPORT, nationally syndicated Talk America Radio Network 1998-2001.

This is a small selection of articles where Felder has been featured.



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